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FM-360F/DL-FM480F Single side hot roll laminator

FM-360F/DL-FM480F Single side hot roll laminator

Function is introduced£º
1¡¢Reverse curl design, combined with strong cooling fan, makes the curling effect is better, the curly adjustment lever can mediate gear design, has solved the different thickness of paper the curling effect.
2¡¢The new increase the trimming knife.
3¡¢Increased the dotted line knife.

Product features£º
1¡¢Using advanced infrared heating, preheat time is short, heating effect is good.
2¡¢Products made of non-stick material can be single-sided, double-sided coated, hot laminating, can be cold laminating.
3¡¢Specially added the membrane bracket.
4¡¢Rubber roller USES is high temperature resistant, long life of silicone rubber, has two only, can separate heating, heating effect is good.
5¡¢Touch operation mode, fashionable and convenient.
6¡¢Automatic winding function, convenient and quick.
7¡¢Product quality is guaranteed, customer word of mouth is good, is a good choice for you.

Technical parameters:
The product code DL-FM360F DL-FM480F
Working width 340mm 480mm
The largest thickness 5mm 5mm
The work efficiency 600-1600mm/min 600-1600mm/min
Hot temperature range 60¡æ-160¡æ 60¡æ-160¡æ
The low temperature range 20¡æ-60¡æ 20¡æ-60¡æ
The largest thickness Up to 250min Up to 250min
Power supply 110,220V / 50,60Hz 110,220V / 50,60Hz
Power 600W 800W
The machine size 640×440×285mm 780×450×300mm
The net weight 35KG 45KG
Gross weight 40KG 50KG