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DL-FM450A professional laminating machine

DL-FM450A professional laminating machine

Product introduction

Type DL-FM450A professional hot laminating machine new design concept and practical, increased automatically put paper transmission platform, strengthen the function of automatic winding, increased the practical functions such as crease resistant. Adopting the upper roller independent heating system, speed adjustable advanced functions such as design. Precision machine parts, high performance motor, advanced circuit system to build the professional and superiority of the machine!

Product use

Apply to the short version of the text covering printing,Protection experts of Book File/engineering drawings/digital photos.The equipment looks handsome in appearance,functions and practical.two-sided single both hot and cold can be covered.


Product features

1, the machine full metal jacket, good performance, convenient and durable.

2, electronic integrated circuits, and independent heating roller, effect of adjustable speed, automatic winding function, operational aspects.

3, the other can use each machine is equipped with 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 3 inch paper core tray, convenient to use the market popular variety of pre-coating film, cold mounted film.

Technical parameters:

Max width: 450mm/650mm/880mm

Max Temperature: 140

Cots largest gap from top to bottom:5mm

Speed: 10m/minute