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DL7460 Widen breadth plastic package machine

Widen breadth plastic package machine

1. Full metal shell, good performance, convenient and durable.
2. Infrared radiation heating, save electricity and high thermal efficiency, heated evenly.
3. Automatic electronic constant temperature. It is convenient and intuitive to adjust temperature,; Temperature controlling is sensitive and stable.  
4. It can be used to finish the hot composite plastic and cold film, it also can hot stamping. This machine is equipped with regressive switch, so it is convenient to use.
5. The plastic package is finished by four temperature resistent plastic roller, ensuring the package smooth and artistic.
Max package length: No limitation
Max package width: 460mm
Voltage of work: AC 220  50/60HZ
Rate of work: 650w
Service temperature: room temperature--200≧ (adjustable)
Package thickness: 0.01-1.2mm
Package speed: 380mm/min
Num of plastic roller: four
Dimension: 680×210×120mm
Net weight: 15kg
Package dimension: 685×270×590mm (4machines/box)
Total weight: 65kg