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DL460X Electric paper cutter

Product name: electric paper cutter
Product model: DL460X
Product introduction: 460 x program-controlled paper cutter is recent to market new products, design is very humanization, operation is very simple, very practical, will become the market mainstream products.
Product features:
1, independent press paper patent technology, thoroughly solved the common fault of the spring pressure paper precision is not high, but to different cutting material use different pressure, improve the quality of cutting.
2, cutting knife external fine-tuning patent technology, because the blade, blade old damage result in the bottom pages of paper cannot be cut off, provides fast and fine tuning techniques.
3, three cutting modes, CNC, SPC, cutting.
4, liquid crystal display, automatic push paper (digital control and program control, easy operation.
5, pushing paper of groove molding, never out of paper, paper analyzing.
6, alignment of light line and knife bit indicates a line mark.
7, grating protection circuit design, appearance design patents, put aside book design.
8, oblique knife cut paper, the scientific path, a substantial increase in cutting power, unafraid to ultra thick paper.
Technical parameters:
1, the biggest cut size: 460 mm x 460 mm
2, maximum cutting thickness: 50 mm
3, cutting precision: < 0.5 mm
4, the blade size: 14 x 14 mm
5, press paper way: electric pressure paper independently
6, pushed the paper way, CNC, SPC, cutting
7, display: LCD
8, positioning: light of cutter line
9, power supply: AC220V 50 hz
10, net weight: 180 kg size: 870 * 1070 * 1350 mm