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Inlay name, Inlay, Inlay core material
Inlay named: radio frequency card induction card IC card core material and Inlay.
Inlay technique parameter:
Inlay work can encrypt/decrypt
The Inlay material qualitative PVC
Inlay material: 0.5 MM thickness of material in the fabrication, can encapsulate low-frequency chips (125 KHZ) or high frequency (13.56 MHz) chip
Inlay chip: FM1108、T5567、Mifare1S50、Mifare1S70、Ultralight10、 DESFire41ICODE2、ICODE1.
Inlay chip specification: 8, 10, 20, 21, 24, 25, 32 (every major version number arrangement of core material)
Inlay mode of production: hot laminating, the use of PVC or PET material
Inlay applies: suitable for smart card manufacturers to rework.